When God Speaks…

Lighted-Path-441x400Not an original thought here…but as has often been said, we probably miss the times and opportunities in our lives when God speaks to us simply because we are not listening. What kind of follows with this is that we pray in our time and God answers in his time. We cannot know what God has in store for us or when and so we must try and listen at all times. Like many things we try to learn, we should probably practice.Continue reading →

Gettin’ the Led Out

616px-Zoso-square-layout.svgThere are a few groups that I will almost never turn the station for. I’ve already spoken of Rush…today it’s Led Zeppelin. The members of the band: Jimmy Page (guitar), Robert Plant (vocals), ┬áJohn Paul Jones (bass, keyboards), and John Bonham (drums). The music: memorable and classic. This blues based rock band provided much of the soundtrack for my youth.Continue reading →

The Heart…so resilient…oh so fragile

nautical-duskThe passing of Robin Williams this week makes me pause. I’m not sure how to process things like this. Like many of the people who have passed away in my life recently, it shakes me. With some one like Williams it’s not so much because he meant as much to me as say my Mom and Pop, but because like my parents…I just expected them to always be there. Whether it is disease or depression…people will eventually be gone. My heart hurts at these times…broken and battered. And as I have quite often lately it seems, I pick up the pieces and move forward.Continue reading →

What the ?!…I think I’m offended…

bWR.1280x720So last week I went to see the movie “Defenders of the Galaxy”…twice. I actually liked it enough to go see it twice. I thought the movie was funny and well paced. I don’t want to get into details so as not to ruin the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet, but there are some things I can say about it. While there was some innuendo, there were no gratuitous sex scenes…in fact there were no sex scenes at all. The violence was more in the cartoon vein and there was not a lot of gore or splattering, which is OK with me. And Rocket is a bad-ass character. In fact there was only one problem I had with the entire movie…Continue reading →

Is this what Sam would do?!

DSC_4540So in the last few weeks I have had to spend quite a bit of money. I had to get root barriers put in between the house and some very large trees I have to try and get the house to settle. Then one of my hot water heaters sprung a leak and so I had to replace that. Due to updated city codes the original quote for replacing the water heater was then doubled to make sure it would pass inspection. Finally the lease on the car I was driving expired and I decided not to renew it. So I had to buy a “new” car. And this is where I may have gone “Sam Watson” on the decision…Continue reading →

They Don’t Make ’em Like That Anymore…

I’ve been to the funerals for a parent of two classmates and friends in the last week. With the passing of both of my parents as well as several aunts and uncles in the last few years I’ve had a few realizations. The time has come where this is just how it’s going to be for a few years: my parent’s generation is coming to the end of their years (as morbid or blunt as that may sound). Second: they don’t make people like my parents generation anymore.Continue reading →

Not a perfect Man…

1016670_10151687200965590_174838341_nAfter my father was diagnosed with Glioblastoma and had brain surgery to remove the tumor that had developed he had a difficult time communicating. There were to be no more long conversations or bits of wisdom or stories of his youth. You could not ask him even the simplest question and expect anything resembling an intelligent answer. It wasn’t that he didn’t understand what was being asked, he just couldn’t get the words to come out of his mouth to reply. I do think it’s significant that there was one thing he could always immediately reply to…Continue reading →

A beautiful loss

tim-howardThe US was knocked out of the World Cup on Tuesday with a 1-2 loss to Belgium. Belgium is a dark horse favorite for many football experts so on the whole the loss was neither unexpected or humiliating for the US side. That being said I would at first blush give the US side a C+ for the overall effort they gave…except for the goalkeeper Tim Howard.Continue reading →

Hey Kid!

1936341_133766330589_4015035_nThat was the name of my most favorite dog I had while growing up. She was a mutt and as most mutts tend to be she was lovable, cute, loyal, and a good friend. There are many stories I have about her and two in particular come to mind whenever I think of her. Beginning with her name: “Hey Kid”Continue reading →