It’s 2024…where’s my flying car?!

Ever since I can remember, maybe all the way back to 1970, I don’t ever really remember wanting a flying car. I’m not sure what that says about me…I’m a simple person I guess. I may just be repeating myself from a previous post, but here we go…

I’m old enough that until a few years ago I had lived longer without a cell phone than with one. I certainly lived my entire childhood without that device/appliance/gadget. I remember getting this digital TI watch from my Pop and thinking I had jumped into the future.

What is also interesting is that I don’t remember feeling so attached or dependent on anything back then the way people seem to be to their cell phones these days. Again, I think that’s a commentary on myself more than people today. That said, people could put their phones down a little more often…or maybe even forget them at home occasionally.

Having been born in the “Nineteen Hundreds”, it’s certainly a different world to me today. I was always fascinated by some of the stories my parents and grandparents told me about how different things were (my grandmother had a mortgage payment of $25 a month on a house and property that is going to be sold for six figures this year. $25!) Now I’m the old timer telling the stories of a simpler time that my parents thought might be moving too fast for me. I also read the book 1984 BEFORE the year 1984.

I’ve made it this far…may as well keep going on into the future!