And now…52

10696453_10152657837865590_7956245245711052374_nFirst of all I may have thrown you off if you were expecting an “extra” post between last week and now. One of my goals here on this blog was to have at least 52 posts for the year (one for each week). I thought that I was going to be short one post due to missing a weekly post somewhere along the line, and so I announced in my last post that there would be an extra post to make it up. I was wrong…apparently I had already made it up in the past…after my last post I was at 51…which leads me to this post…#52.Continue reading →

Merry Christmas Y’all!

MartyMomMeWishBookIt’s Christmas Eve 2014…that picture is my brother and I telling my Mom what we wanted out of the Sears Wish Book probably around 1971 or so. And so it has been almost a year of blogging here on Mattypedia. I’ll have to add an extra post between now and next Wednesday to also complete the goal of at least 52 posts this year…kinda proud of myself for being able to do that! I hope that the few of you who may have been reading this blog at least haven’t considered it lost time…I’ve tried to be honest at least so you’ve got that.Continue reading →

The week of Misty-ness…like Misty…I’m misty…

1936341_133980315589_3685904_nSo I recounted a couple of weeks ago how the outdoor soccer team I play on won the championship. I also, you may remember, told you that I was actually knocked out of that game with a concussion. It seems that the after affects of that episode were still in the making as I wrote that. In fact, although I evidently “wrote” a post last week which was in fact just the posting of a Snoopy Thanksgiving picture, I don’t remember in fact doing that…although I must have because there it is!Continue reading →

We Are The Champions!

Devan forward Andrew Minigutti celebrates with the championship trophy.
Devan forward Andrew Minigutti celebrates with the championship trophy.

Dateline – November16th, 2014 – Premier Park Fields – Balch Springs, TX

In what can only be labelled as one of the greatest amateur sports miracles in history, The Orange of Devan United were victorious over the previously undefeated Lookout United 3 to 1. In what was ultimately a game of attrition for Devan in which they were somehow able to overcome odds that at the beginning of the game saw them as 4 goal underdogs. “It’s an age old cliche, but it’s true…this is why they play the game” forward Andrew Minigutti said at the post game press conference. “I don’t know if we win more than once if we play this game 10 times, but we certainly won this day!” The regular season matchup was a 4-1 Lookout victory back in September. The transformation of Devan since that game is a tribute to team play and perseverance.Continue reading →