Like A Child…I wish I was

fgI was watching the movie “Flash Gordon” the other day. The one from 1980. I remember even at the advanced age of 13 watching the movie and thinking it was pretty cool. I remember the acting not being so cheesy. I remember the special effects being pretty good (even though they didn’t compare to Star Wars). I remember, as the promotional poster said, being ready to “kick some flash!” I remember being a kid and not thinking about it so much…and not being so critical.

I see my grandson and I envy his youth. He can take joy and pride in the smallest things. The other day he came over with a little friend of his and I gave them some boxes of “Pop-its” and they just went to town with them. They had fun just throwing them on the ground and then laughing when they popped. And even when they didn’t pop they laughed. And they didn’t make fun or ridicule each other when they failed…no they would just laugh and yell “pick it up and try it again!”

When JD watches a movie he doesn’t point out how the plot is thin or the situation is improbable. He doesn’t question physics, motives, or misplaced references (“they would never say that in the 80’s!”). He watches with wonderment and enjoys the moment. He only sees the possibilities and lets the story entertain him. IT’S a movie…it doesn’t have to be real.

I wish I could go back to those days of believing in people and things. I wish I could enjoy the moments as they come. I think I can do that. I hope I will more.

Now don’t question this…just enjoy!


(Although not without reason, this post was late…my acountabilibuddies can expect a treat on Friday)