“Get your ass out there and do the best you can…”

lupus_timmyTimmy Lupus…perhaps the greatest underdog of all time. I love this kid…maybe perhaps because I see myself in him. Knowing thyself sometimes causes me to lower the bar and underestimate or even undervalue myself. This can seem like managing expectations but in reality it can be limiting myself.

I find myself sharing my fears such as this with people and then come to learn that many others have similar fears. I’ve found that many people who I perceived as confident and fearless are often fighting their own feelings of inadequacy on a constant basis. And maybe that’s really all it is…just being willing to accept yourself as you are and fighting through the low points as you can.

In my experience there is no secret to overcoming feeling inept or less than…all you can do is your best. It has also been my experience that as long as you do the best you can that most people will accept that and accept you regardless of the outcome.

Which leads me to the scene from “The Bad News Bears” (the original!) below. I love this scene for a few reasons. First of all: it’s Walter Matthau, who I love, in one of his best roles. He reminds me of many of my coaches from back in the day, before you had to be politically correct. When we understood that sometimes when a coach got onto you it meant he really cared…and if he cussed that was just his way of saying that he really loved you and wanted you to do well. Then there’s Miguel saying “I hope I don’t do something stupid!” as he heads to the field. And then there’s Lupus: “Mr Buttermaker…I don’t know about you but I want to win so don’t send ME in”. And the classic Buttermaker reply:

“Listen Lupus…you didn’t come into this life just to sit around on a dugout bench did ya? Now get your ass out there and do the best you can.”

That’s really all any of us can do when it comes right down to it.