Yeah…I got nothin’…

bloom-county-underwearOnce again I find myself with little to say. I’m just pretty tired lately. Finally purchased my parents old house, which was both exciting and a little stressful…and bittersweet (I’d rather have my parents still here living in it after all). I actually think my children were more excited and happy with me buying the house than I was. They’re pretty sentimental. I’ve been working on that so much lately that I haven’t really thought much about blogging…and now I find myself with tired-head.

10386996_10203246960362272_7938554584158055663_oI went to the Alamo Draft House on Monday to watch the US v. Ghana game with some good friends. Good game…very good game. “I Believe That We Will Win!”

60488_470979175589_934807_nFor Fathers Day on Sunday my daughters came over and did yard work and house work for me…AND they brought me breakfast.

I think Amy Poehler just may be the funniest Woman I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure but I think I’m in a fight against The Man…still.

I’m really tryin’ to get something together here…but…I got nothin’.