nfl-browns-kickoff-11-18-art-g6pk9uov-1dallas-cowboys-helmetSimply put…no matter where you get to in life, if you have any dignity you will not forget those you came before you. Whether it’s the guidance and love of your parents and elders or the sacrifice and diligence of your predecessors, you are where you are now probably because of someone else. In some cases they worked to prepare the way for you, or they may have given you the foundation for your current standing in life.

No matter what the case may be there WAS somebody before you. For some there may have even been adversity and dire straits that forged them. As the Bible refers to – the grapes must endure the pressure of the press in order to form the wine.

From the past you have been created, to the future you create.

This is tradition…and how we represent is how we respect.

This may not seem like much, but lately the Cowboys have shown respect for their tradition: