OH! There you are!

61552_470979350589_5156722_nSO without the peer-pressure I have obviously fallen off the posting schedule. Oh I have reasons…lots of reasons…not enough time, too much other stuff to do, work, housework, dogs, kids, laundry,…I’m busy you see.

Of course this is nothing new really…well except maybe the work load has gotten a little larger, but nothing that I couldn’t take a few minutes from during the week to write down a few thoughts.

What it comes down to, and this is nothing new or original, is that we make the time for the things we want to do. And so I’ve taken the time to write down a little here. It will hopefully get me started back to the once a week postings…we’ll see. (I think I just lowered the bar…managing expectations I suppose)


I went to see a neurologist. He not only found a brain but that it was in pretty good shape. I have been cleared to resume regular activities. The new soccer season starts on 2/15. Here goes nothing!

I am rooting for Seattle in the Super Bowl, for what it’s worth.

That’s about it for now…hope everything’s going well in your world!