And…We’re Back!

Once again, I blog not because of any need to impart my wisdom to the world, but simply because I was dared to. Sam Watson is the “dare-ee” and will be the sole benefactor of any failure on my part to not blog by EOD Wednesday every week. I didn’t get claification on any other rules or restrictions on this edition of “blog every week or else”. That being said I will be playing loose with the rules and just make sure that I have some words in this space every week by Wednesday night and consider it good-to-go. I’m sure the many reader of this blog will be satisfied with that. (Yes…I left the ‘s’ off of “reader” in that last sentence on purpose…it’s a joke, get it?) So now…what to write?…

Hows about this…I went to the Texas State Fair 5 times this year. It was great all the times we went but going with the whole family was special. All the grandkids, kids, Trish…good-great times!

I’ll write more better stuff next week.