What do I know?!

One of the things I struggle with about this blog is the simple thought that I don’t want to come across as though I’m an expert in anything. I have opinions, thoughts, ideas, and maybe even judgments on various subjects across all parts of life…but I don’t think anyone should view them as much more than what my life experience up to this point has shown me. I believe this is called “Life Experience”.

So then, what is all my “Life Experience” worth, or even what is it good for? I guess if, in the course of reading this blog, you may face something that I have already dealt with in life. Then you see how I handled it and what the outcome was. THEN you decide for yourself if the outcome is one you like and do what I did. If the outcome was not what you want then you just do the opposite of what I did and see what happens for yourself.

I have to say that part of my thinking (or venting if you will) about all of this is that I feel kinda hypocritical. That is to say I have, for quite some time, had “tired-head” with all of the experts and expert opinions that have been available on the internet. There is no real vetting for any of the information that is published out there. I don’t want anyone to think that I think I am suggesting, much less advocating, that anything I say should be authoritative or it’s what you should do or think. (I’m going to continue writing some more here for this post, but I think I just realized that this is basically a disclaimer for my blog!)

Do I know what I’m talking about most of the time? I think that I’m not an idiot…I think I know some facts…I know enough to know that I’m not always right about anything in particular. I try to be considerate and thoughtful in all I say and do…and I know I’m not always successful in that pursuit. I do think I should be given credit for the attempt to be a good human. I don’t mind if anyone calls me on my shortcomings…even when it hurts my feelings.

Ultimately I think I choose to offer up “my life” as an example – not necessarily of what should be done, but so that others can take what I’ve done and learn from it, good and bad, successes and mistakes, triumphs and failures…it is what it is. My middle daughter Jessica once said, “Let me make my own mistakes!” I think maybe I would like to say, “Let me go first and make the mistakes, that way you won’t have to!”