“Constipated Duck”

That’s the title of the third track of side one of Jeff Beck’s album “Blow By Blow”. I just think that it takes a particularly talented musician to name a piece of work “Constipated Duck” and then pull it off in such a classy and sophisticated way. Jeff Beck may be an acquired taste, but I think if you haven’t heard any of his solo stuff you should give it a try sometime. His work with The Yardbirds is probably more well known, and that’s cool too, but his work through the 70’s and 80’s was Beck at his best. Check out “Beck, Bogart, Appice” too if you can.

Jeff Beck passed away at the age of 78 yesterday…just thought you should know.


(Couldn’t find a live version of “Constipated Duck” so here’s “Blast from the Past”, despite what the YouTube title says. Enjoy the greatness of Mr. Jeff Beck!)