If I knew now, what I knew then…

“Time is a construct”…I’m not sure what that means. I’ll probably look that up while I’m writing this, but I wanted to view it with my limited intelligence right now, and then compare that to what I learn after looking it up. And THAT is what I think about both the phrase/saying and time itself. Let me explain further…

The saying “time is a construct” in my opinion (right now anyways), is a reflection of the fact that we cannot hold time in our hands. We can’t see time, or feel it. So “time” becomes what we make of it. It’s the memories we HAVE had and the memories we WILL have.

When you say “time travel”, I think people normally think about years into the past or future. But I can’t even go back a few seconds much less years in time. Sometimes even as I am saying something I’m thinking to myself I shouldn’t be saying that. But it’s too late to even go back those few seconds and NOT say it.

And even with this total lack of control that we have over time, we treat it like it’s an infinite commodity. We always have time to do something later. I guess thats because we probably know that “now” has just passed us by, but there will be a later. That is until there are no more laters.

Our lack of respect for time is most revealed when it comes to other people in our lives. And while the obvious way we do this might be by saying we will have time for them later, it might be more grievous of us to not “be there” when we are THERE with them. It’s what we might most often refer to as “quality time”. We see it manifested most these days by the family at a table for dinner, everyone on their phone, and nobody talking to each other.

I’m not too smart, and I’m certainly not perfect. I find myself having to reset and set myself straight on these things all the time. I think it’s a matter of treating time with respect and honoring it, and hopefully, that will reflect on to the people around you.