I do not fear our robot overlords…

I finally got around to trying out DALL-E, the online AI art generator…my very first attempt was a complete failure…or was it?

The exact request I made is as follows:

A cartoon logo with the words “Booze n’ Cues” and a beer mug and a wine glass and a billiard 8 ball

Matthew’s request of DALL-E

One of the results was the above image. It’s not a question of whether or not it’s good art, so much as the exact text I asked for is not in the image. I mean it’s not great art either but still. And the “words” that DALL-E used are close to being obscene.

If this is the best AI can do then I don’t think I’m ascared of SKYNET…that’s right SKYNET…you heard me!

DISCLAIMER – this was literally the first thing I’ve tried DALL-E for. I know that once I learn how to “ask” for what I want it will get better at giving me what I want. But then…isn’t that still me controlling it? Only time will tell…