I’m an ADULT?!

528528_10151235726785590_890706989_nDon’t get me wrong…I think I’m a pretty responsible person. And I do grown up things…pay bills, raise children, go to church without being told to. Sometimes I eat a good balanced meal when in fact I could just have dessert for dinner if I wanted. I’ve even had a heart attack! SO why don’t I feel like an adult yet?

If I feel like having a drink I get one…and then feel like I am getting away with something!

When I used to smoke a cigar every once in while…I felt like I must really look like a goof, idiot kid, who had no reason smoking anything!

When my daughters or my sister (who’s 14 years younger than myself) ask for my advice, I’ll give them the benefit of my experience and try to be as thoughtful and helpful as I can. Afterwards I’ll sometimes think, WHY on earth did they come to ME for advice?!

If I knew half of what I THINK I know, I’d still only know HALF of what I NEED to know.

As I’ve gotten older I do find a few things to be true.

391433_10151058269310590_345740350_nI’m not afraid to make choices. I worry less about being wrong and just try to be as right as I can about things. I know more than ever that I can handle whatever comes my way. I don’t try to BS my way through anything…if what I know or what I do isn’t enough I can live with that. I learn from my mistakes now because I am willing to make them. I’m not afraid to break anything. I’m comfortable with who I am…and comfortable enough with who I can be. I am willing to change. I can take criticism…constructive or otherwise.

I have three grown daughters and a grandson who I love and whom I’m very proud of.

Someone once accused me of being wise. “How did you become so wise?” they asked me. To which I replied, “I used to be a wise-ass…and then I worked my ass off”.

I guess that’s adult enough for me.