In a heartbeat…

60488_470979175589_934807_nA friend asked me an interesting question the other day – she asked me if I had a favorite child. Now the fact of the matter is that I love all of my daughters more than anything in the world – and to choose one as my favorite just wouldn’t be possible. Now having said this I will admit that I always say that Elizabeth, my youngest daughter, is my favorite, but she is the youngest and she is spoiled and EVERYBODY loves Elizabeth. But when all is said and done, they all know they are my favorite…and they all started out in this world the exact same way.

I was in the delivery room for the birth of my daughters…and each experience is a story in it’s own that I will share sometime. The end of each of those stories has the same ending – on their very first night out of the womb, each of my daughters slept peacefully and soundly on my chest. After all their time in the womb listening to their mother’s heart, they slept to the beat of my heart that first night and didn’t seem to mind it at all. They wouldn’t sleep through the night for some weeks to come, but that first night they were content on my chest. I like to think that they knew me well enough to trust that they were safe and loved…but maybe they were just really tired from the trip!

In any case, if they didn’t know me before then, they learned who I was that first night. They learned that I was there for them, that I loved them no matter what, that they were safe. If nothing else…on that first night they learned the beat of my heart and that my heart was their’s…and they’ve had it ever since.