Pipe Dreams…

moneyI got three out of the six numbers in the lottery once…for which I won $3. This got me to thinking that I was half way there…3 out of 6. Half way there man! And so of course my mind took a trip to the possibilities of what I might do if I were to actually get all 6. Here’s my pipe dream list (in no particular order):

1. Create a company and hire all my favorite co-workers that I’ve ever worked with

I have absolutely no idea what this company would do, but I think we would have a lot of fun figuring it out! There are a lot of people on the hire list…so chances are if you’re reading this you’re on there. That being said I would have to say that two people who I’d hire first would be Dave Fazio and Jody Thigpen. Dave, as some of you may know, is inexplicably and forever somehow intertwined in my life. I think there are still connections between us that we don’t know about. Jody is just the goofy sidekick. Minimum starting salary would be $75K. This company might be a failure in the end…but it would be a magnificent failure!

2. “Think I’ll buy me a football team!”

My first choice would be to buy FC Dallas and somehow turn it into a perennial contender. I’d like to try and buy some international stars who aren’t past their prime yet. I’d love to make Dallas THE place to play…make it like a reincarnation of the New York Cosmos in their glory days. The second choice would be to buy the English side at Nottingham Forest and bring them back to glory as well. They had a short sweet run in the 70’s and early 80’s when I was just learning about the game in England so it’s more just a sentimental decision. To be able to somehow bring them to the Premiership would be fantastic…it’s my money I can do with it as I like!

3. A House for Everyone! (well ALMOST everyone)

My daughter’s of course, and my family, and some very select friends. Some of you might know who you are…although this list is considerably shorter than the hire list above at number 1.

4. Spend a year (or so) in Africa

I’ve often said that if I didn’t have the responsibilities that I do that I think this is where I would be now. I’m not even sure what I am supposed to be doing there…it’s just been calling me for as long as I can remember. I’d like to think I’d be doing some kind of missionary or charity work there…but I”m not sure that’s what is pulling me there. It’s almost more like a just go and see what happens kind of thing. I might be gone for a while but I’ll write often.

5. Fund a no tuition private parochial Catholic school

I’ve often thought of this one as more of a pay what you can type of thing and I’ll cover the rest. The main point would be that no one would be denied entrance but the facilities, faculty, and everything would be top of the line. If we became overloaded I’d have to see if any of my rich buddies would go in with me on this one!

6. Follow Rush or Coldplay on their next tour

Pretty self explanatory and fairly self indulgent. I might even change it up by following a different band or maybe just going to every single show at the AAC or something like that. Or maybe I’d see my favorite acts at their favorite venues – like Rush somewhere in Canada or something like that. The corollary to this would be to follow the Rangers or the Cowboys for a whole season.

7. A nice big party

Just some big all night or maybe all weekend blow out at a house big enough that everyone could just hang out all weekend for free if they want. Are you out of town now? No prob…I’ll just get flights in and out for whoever needs it. Does there have to be a reason? Alright then…my 50th birthday…we’ll do it then. Please no presents…your presence is present enough for me. Just have a good time and please don’t pee in the pool!

8. “Thought of giving it all away. To a registered charity”

I mean in the end, what do I really need all this money for anyways?!

And THIS…is probably how the party would end:

This list is not all inclusive…I reserve the right to add, subtract, or modify as I see fit.