Personal_AccountabilityIf you look at the blog listing at the right you will see my “accountabilibuddies”. This group of rag-tag, fearless, and inscrutable (look it up) bloggers set out at the beginning of the year to blog at least once a week for 52 weeks and hold each other accountable for it. There is in fact a penalty for not having a post out every week by Wednesday midnight. I have been guilty of this offense and in fact this post is coming in late and so the penalty I will pay. Anyways – there is one blogger that is on the list that, for her own personal reasons, is no longer being held accountable…in other words she’s not blogging any more. So why do I keep her name on the list?

Some might think she’s still on there because I’m mean and I’m trying to embarrass her.

Some of you might think that I am trying to guilt her into getting back into the game.

A cynical person might suggest that I am simply pointing out my superiority to her…I am still blogging while SHE…is not.

Here are MY reasons:

  1. I do not want to forget her – she may no longer be in the game, but she is still part of the team. We will not leave anyone behind!
  2. Maybe someday she will start blogging again…if she ever does, I will be there to read it!
  3. My last, and perhaps most important reason: how can you NOT smile if you go here! Now THAT’s just about the most adorable picture you’ll ever see.

And so…there you have it.

And now…totally unrelated video –



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  1. Haha! Best blog post ever. Thanks for including me on the team. I, for one, never had suspicions as to why I was kept on your accountabilibuddies list. Can’t say the same for my crossed out name on a certain Admiral Ackbar-themed website, though.
    Definitely want to jump back into the blog challenge when I make the switch to the less-stressful position I was supposed to be in a few months ago! 🙂 It counts when I blog for SUCCESS, right?

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