asleep-calvin--26-hobbes-318680_1024_768This is going to be kind of a give up post. I didn’t start a post or have an outline and so now here it is 11 pm on Wednesday night and I’m scrambling to get a post in before the deadline. Here goes…

I just got back from my soccer game tonight. We tied 3-3. Still it was a disappointing game. I played in goal…my height (or lack thereof) was mostly to blame for the goals I let in. I will give it to the other team in that their goals were really good shots…some might say great shots. Still…I feel like I could have saved them if I had been positioned better…as in taller.

I have a nagging feeling that I will be in over my head with life in the near future. And I’m cool with that!

cabrioI got new wheels for my ride…they’re pretty cool.

Annnnddd…here’s the video…