(Some of) My favorite Beatles covers

beatles-wallpaper-6One of my favorite groups of all time – The Beatles. They are perhaps the most covered band of all time and for good reason. They influenced so many and in fact continue to do so today. Most covers are a sign of respect, and no everyone can get it right. I prefer the covers that pay homage to the original but still let you know that they are their own performances. Here are some that I think do that.

In no particular order…

I Am the Walrus – Oasis – 1995

Got To Get You Into My Life – Earth, Wind, and Fire – 1977

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – The Hooters – 1987

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – Andy Timmons – 2011

Cheap Trick – Daytripper – 1979

Dave Matthews – In My Life – 2001

Across The Universe – Rufus Wainwright – 2002

She Came In Through The Bathroom Window – Ike and TINA Turner – 1970