Waiting for a daughter

324943_10150674505255590_286981226_oI’m currently sitting in the waiting area at Love Field for my youngest daughter Elizabeth to arrive from NYC. She’s coming home for Christmas and it’ll be good to see her. Seems like only yesterday I was waiting for her entry into this world…
February 16th, 1994. A Wednesday. Our two older daughters were 5 and 6…and they were super excited because they knew their new brother would be here soon. Their mother was convinced it was a boy because everything about this pregnancy had been different than before. We were old school and kind of liked the surprise of not knowing whether it was a boy or girl until they popped out.

I’m not sure if I had a feeling one way or the other…I was just ready for this kid to come on already!

I remember when she finally did come out the doctor said “Matthew…God truly loves you. It’s not just any man he blesses with three daughters!”

To which my then wife replied “WHAT?!”

She truly couldn’t believe it was a girl. Dumbfounded she said “what?!” a few more times and then began laughing and crying. I just sat there and smiled.

The two other girls were in the waiting room with my Mom. I walked down the hall thinking of how to break the “bad news”. They had been so excited and ready for a brother, I was afraid of the impending disappointment. I walked into the waiting room with a big smile on my face and said nothing…and I continued to say nothing. Then Jennifer exclaimed “WELL?!”

I then replied “Your SISTER…has arrived!”…and the big sisters exploded with joy “YEA!!!!!” and started jumping up and down and cheering and throwing toys….like they had won the World Series!

Just to be clear I said “It’s NOT a boy ya know?!”

“WE DON’T CARE!” they said still jumping up and down.

I see Elizabeth coming up the ramp now. It’s good to have her home.