Merry Christmas Y’all!

MartyMomMeWishBookIt’s Christmas Eve 2014…that picture is my brother and I telling my Mom what we wanted out of the Sears Wish Book probably around 1971 or so. And so it has been almost a year of blogging here on Mattypedia. I’ll have to add an extra post between now and next Wednesday to also complete the goal of at least 52 posts this year…kinda proud of myself for being able to do that! I hope that the few of you who may have been reading this blog at least haven’t considered it lost time…I’ve tried to be honest at least so you’ve got that.

Before I forget I’d like to thank my accountabilibuddies: Sam Watson, Hugh Murphy, Jessica Krampe, Gaby Ezell, and Jennifer Chang…thank you! (I anticipate that at least one of my last two posts for the year will be mailed in so I didn’t want that to go unsaid)

It seems like at the end of every year I look back and think “well…that was interesting”! This year is no different I guess. Some things I wonder how I got through them, others I wish I could get back, but always I thank God for my family and good friends. When I think of the girls especially it always will have been a good year!

I hope everyone gets what every they want for Christmas. I asked for nothing but I’m sure my kids will not accomplish that. I got some good stuff for JD so I know he’ll have a good Christmas!

I hope the spirit of the season and God’s blessings will be on everyone.

So Merry Christmas!

Peace!…and Love!