MY Top 5 cartoons

I’m going to limit this list to children’s cartoons. While I enjoy many of the adult oriented show such as “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy” (mostly), and even darker ones like “The Venture Brothers”, I consider those more guilty pleasures than stuff I would recommend without reservation. I don’t know that I would consider myself an expert on cartoons, but I know what I like and so that’s what this list is…your mileage may vary.Continue reading →

Longing and belonging…

1502496_10152089119855590_1117980994_nI was just listening to some music to try and get some inspiration for a post…and boy did I get it!

Coldplay’s song “Charlie Brown” came on and I just about lost it. I’ve been under a bit of stress lately (nothing serious…maybe I’ll share some other time) so I’m sure that’s part of it, but this song is a bit special for a few reasons.Continue reading →

Like A Child…I wish I was

fgI was watching the movie “Flash Gordon” the other day. The one from 1980. I remember even at the advanced age of 13 watching the movie and thinking it was pretty cool. I remember the acting not being so cheesy. I remember the special effects being pretty good (even though they didn’t compare to Star Wars). I remember, as the promotional poster said, being ready to “kick some flash!” I remember being a kid and not thinking about it so much…and not being so critical.Continue reading →

A lesson from Jesus

I’m not sure that this is an original idea, but I believe there is a lesson (although certainly not the only one) that we can learn from Jesus on the cross that isn’t talked about too much. The basic premise is that life is not going to be fair and that’s OK, because that’s not what it’s all about.Continue reading →

The truth about honesty

liar-liar-i-cant-lie-oThis post isn’t going to be as deep as you might think…I was just thinking recently about why anyone (myself) uses phrases like “to tell you the truth” or “in all honesty” and the like. It’s really something that should be redundant – I mean shouldn’t we always be telling the truth and being honest? The implication being that I was going to lie to you…but then I prefaced it with this certain phrase and so NOW you can expect me to tell you the truth. Don’t we already trust that whatever is being told to us is the truth?Continue reading →

Of Lee, Lifeson, and Peart

slice_rush_01The music of Rush has been a favorite of mine since I was about 11 years old. “Fly By Night” was the first album I can remember listening to by Rush. I’ve bought 6 copies of the “2112” LP through the years because I played it so much I literally wore it out. In the 80’s I went to every Dallas show for each tour from “Moving Pictures” through “Power Windows”.Continue reading →

…the places where all the veins meet…

IJsh7On April 5th 2013 I had a heart attack. There were three blockages in the two main arteries of the heart. One artery was considered 100% blocked. The two other blockages were at 70 and 80% in the artery sometimes referred to as “the widow maker” for what should be obvious reasons. While there would be some discussion of open heart procedures, in the end I had two stents placed. There was talk of a third but due to some complications it was determined that it was not necessary for now.Continue reading →

I just don’t know what to say…

Hopefully this won’t be a recurring theme but I just have really got nothing when it comes to this first post for this blog. I’ve had other blogs before so it’s not so much a lack of creativity as I’m not sure what to say right now. This does make me wonder about the possibility of just writing about nothing and seeing how long I can keep that up…as in just writing every day about how I have nothing to write about.Continue reading →